Lowell’s proven process streamlines manufacturing efforts to accelerate your device’s time to market.

Lowell’s proven process produces results

A clear and proven process leads to quality that’s manufactured in. We pay close attention to programming, tool life, preventative maintenance, training, coolant, materials, work instructions, testing protocols and more because if any part of the process is out of sync, that leaves room for error and potential for non-conforming production.

For every part and assembly we manufacture, a process is developed and followed. We examine data throughout design, manufacturing and inspection to deliver devices that meet your requirements.

Profile tolerancing and GD&T

Lowell is an expert in precision GD&T, profile tolerancing, critical feature confirmation and design intent. We apply these methods to streamline the manufacturing process and accelerate your device’s time to market.

Profile tolerancing can dramatically reduce inspection time and improve accuracy in tight-tolerance parts by eliminating ambiguity in design intent. The features presented in the CAD model are not compromised by converting them to a conventional two-dimensional drawing. By explicitly defining uniform boundaries around the physical geometry, then testing and analyzing them on our CMMs with SmartProfile software, you can eliminate inaccuracy and measurement error in inspection and verification, which is crucial for meeting deadlines and decreasing time to market.

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I really like the processes Lowell has implemented to demonstrate confidence and precision between design, machining, and measurement. The level of evidence and confidence you are able to provide is definitely leading the industry and raising expectations. You have differentiated Lowell as a leader. I am excited to continue learning from you and working with you in the future.

Vice president of product development
medical device manufacturer