Our experienced team of engineers, machinists, operators and programmers is your partner in medical device development.

At Lowell, everything starts with our people — experienced, trained, professional, precise.

We have invested heavily in training our operators, engineers and programmers in the most advanced manufacturing techniques from CI events, Kaizan, robotics and cellular manufacturing. Our knowledgeable, trusted team is experienced in both design and manufacturing, and can quickly identify solutions to any potential challenges in creating your device.

From first article to finished product, Lowell acts as your trusted and knowledgeable manufacturing partner.

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Learn more about how our team’s expertise can improve your medical device’s development.

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I have received some new, fully processed plates today and boy do they look nice! I’ve heard comments like ‘the bar has just been raised’ and ‘this is the best looking product in our company.’ Keep up the great work and it does not go unnoticed. I wanted to personally say thank you to the folks that worked on improving the secondary processes to obtain the surface finish of 16 Ra max. We could not have got there without their involvement. Surgeries start in another month or so and I’ll be sure to share more feedback on the plate then.

Design engineer
medical device manufacturer