Statistical Methods for Precision Machining: An Overview

Medical device OEMs are utilizing data to prove their products’ efficacy to hospitals, doctors and the regulatory agencies. Lowell, Inc. is a leader in the use of measurement and data to improve and streamline the product development process. This white paper is an overview of Statistical Methods for Precision Machining and is the first in a series on the topic. Find out how to use data to reduce critical features, create a DOE and how to recognize if your current suppliers has the equipment and skill sets to fully utilize manufacturing data to advance your projects.

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What innovation!! I toured Lowell two weeks ago and could not have been more impressed with your other examples of innovation, namely the robotics utilized in the QA lab and in the laser marking area. We are going to be installing our own hi-definition cameras in our QA lab soon. I’ve copied my QA faculty for them to enjoy your video.

Academic dean
technical college