Ebook: The Impact of Automation on Efficiency and Effectiveness in Medical Device Manufacturing

One of the biggest advantages of automation is the transformation that comes with impacting the human process, allowing talented professionals to focus on higher-value, essential needs. This benefits everyone involved, producing greater employee performance and increasingly efficient production delivering cost-effective production of device components. Today you will see robots and co-bots and other automation tools throughout our facility. We take immense pride in our automation leadership. This ebook is a collection of topics that highlight advantages of enhancing automation that can transform your business processes.

Download this ebook to learn more about the topics of Automation of Inspection Equipment, Statistical Methods for Precision Machining, Automated Data Analysis: Making the Case and Leveraging Automated Inspection to Counter Labor Shortages.

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What innovation!! I toured Lowell two weeks ago and could not have been more impressed with your other examples of innovation, namely the robotics utilized in the QA lab and in the laser marking area. We are going to be installing our own hi-definition cameras in our QA lab soon. I’ve copied my QA faculty for them to enjoy your video.

Academic dean
technical college