Ebook: Precision GD&T in the Design, Manufacture and Assembly of Complex Medical Devices

Lowell, Inc. has authored dozens of white papers over the years on diverse subjects, from profile tolerancing to the automation of inspection equipment.

We’ve worked hard to develop timely and relevant content for our customers and the orthopedic industry. We’ve been asked many times to combine our white papers by subject matter. Our ebooks are the result of those requests.

Precision geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) is a journey. There is no right or wrong way for your organization to go down that path. At Lowell, we embraced the methods of precision GD&T by training our organization in tools such as profile tolerancing and we made significant investments in the equipment and software needed to succeed.

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What innovation!! I toured Lowell two weeks ago and could not have been more impressed with your other examples of innovation, namely the robotics utilized in the QA lab and in the laser marking area. We are going to be installing our own hi-definition cameras in our QA lab soon. I’ve copied my QA faculty for them to enjoy your video.

Academic dean
technical college