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Lowell’s Edward Yaris selected to serve as Vice Chair of ASME B89 Standards Committee

Edward Yaris, Manufacturing Engineer at Lowell Inc., was recently elected to serve as the Vice Chair of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B89 Standards Committee. This honor follows years of industry experience and activity as an associate, member or officer.

The B89 Committee is comprised of experts in the field of Metrology. The committee works on writing new Metrology American National Standards, revises current standards, and provides for the harmonization of National and International standards. As metrology applications evolve, definitions change and so should the practices of design and design intent. Parts are getting smaller and tolerances tighter which require effective standards that can be applied and understood to ensure performance. 

Yaris noted that there are several important efforts that the committee will be working on in the coming years including revising almost all standards to align with ISO activities and incorporate newly released uncertainty statements. The committee will also be looking at hardware including X-ray computer tomography instruments, optical comparators, coordinate measuring machines and much more. 

“As a member of ASME B89 Standards, I am able to bring the leading edge of manufacturing process to Lowell,” said Yaris. “I’m proud of the commitment from Lowell to participate in B89 and other industry efforts to ensure that we are able to provide our customers with expertise not often found at other companies.” 

In addition to Vice-Chair of B89, Ed is also a member or officer in 10 other ASME B89 committees including newly elected Chair of B89.3.1 Roundness and Vice-Chair of B89.3 Geometry.

If you’re interested in learning more or have questions about metrology standards and the importance of ASME standards within the medical device industry, please contact us to speak with Ed and our team at Lowell.