Precision Machining of Orthopaedic and Cardiovascular Implants.

Lowell began making orthopaedic implants nearly 20 years ago when spinal fixation was in its infancy. We applied the rigorous design and manufacturing standards developed in the defense and aerospace industry to new applications in medical device. The demands were the same — close tolerances, exotic materials and tight timelines. Now we apply those same standards to diverse applications in orthopaedic implants. These include spine, trauma, CMF, extremities, dental, and the growing cardiovascular market, including mechanical circulatory support (MCS), valve repair and vascular components.

Our manufacturing engineers have all had years of hands-on experience operating the sophisticated CNC equipment that will machine your components. When they interface with your design team, that experience gives us an edge that is hard to duplicate. We’re confident we have the people and the process to meet your most demanding medical device applications.