Service Engineer


Department Operations Manage Employees No
Reports to Manufacturing Manager FLSA Status Exempt

Summary (Main Purpose)

The Service Engineer’s role is to provide service for maintaining and repairing equipment as needed to support operations and act as a liaison between the organization and outside repair and installation services. The role will also include supporting operations in production and automation efforts, by providing innovative solutions to obstacles as they are encountered.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions)
  • Service and repair production equipment including CNC Machines, Automation and Robotics in the medical manufacturing environment.
  • Provide testing to support equipment validation and to confirm equipment performs as specified by the machine manufacturer.
  • Attach power lines and pneumatic connections to equipment.
  • Read and interpret electrical schematics to assist trouble shooting efforts.
  • Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to provide innovative solutions to support projects.
  • Troubleshoot and repair of all of the following: mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, machine software, and mechanical systems.
  • Work with equipment manufacturer’s support and service personnel to expedite service solutions.
  • Provide diagnostic and repair services on equipment.
  • Perform machine tool testing such as laser alignment and ballbar testing and adjust to correct nonconforming conditions.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on metal working equipment within the facility.
  • Assist in building & facility maintenance.
  • Fabricate solutions using sheet metal and other materials when needed to support the facility, CNC machines and automated systems.
  • Complete required paper work when required in a timely manner.
  • Complete training as needed to comply with QMS requirements.
  • Interact with others in a professional and helpful manner.
  • Complete job functions in compliance with all local and regulatory requirements including, ISO, OSHA, City of BP, BP Fire, FDA, and EPA.

Required Skills and Experience (Minimum requirements in terms of educational background, work experience, licenses/certifications, or other knowledge, skills, and abilities).
  • Good working knowledge of electricity, NEC, fire codes, SEMI codes, fluid dynamics and assembly techniques and safety. Working knowledge of PLC programming using ladder logic.
  • Skilled in analyzing and diagnosing equipment malfunction with a systematic approach utilizing deductive reasoning.
  • Skilled in point-to-point wiring, mounting electrical components and problem solving as well as ability to use power hand tools, read schematics and some knowledge of systems control.
  • Two years in similar position. In-house procedures and regulations.
  • Exposure to Fanuc and ABB industrial robots, Rockwell/AB controls, HMI’s, sensors, and vision systems.
  • This position requires attention to detail, an ability and willingness to learn quickly and a talent in managing internal relationships.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to manage and prioritize the work.
  • Understanding windows-based control software and some working knowledge of PLC programming.

Additional Skills and Experience (Preferred or helpful)
  • Eagerness to roll-up your sleeves to troubleshoot equipment, turn wrenches, and check wiring
  • Relentless pursuit of learning and growth in the world of industrial automation
  • Amazing interpersonal skills within a multi-disciplinary team and diverse customers
  • Experience with programming and electrical design
  • A portfolio of projects in which you made significant contributions
  • Proficiency with reading electrical and mechanical drawings.

Demands and Conditions Analysis: Service Engineer
Working Conditions

The essential functions of this job involve the following working conditions.

C = Continuously, 75%-100%
F = Frequently, 50%-74%
O = Occasionally, 10%-49%
R = Rarely, 1%-9%
N = Never, 0% of time

Environmental Physical Factors
Works alone X   Sitting   X
Works with others   X Standing X  
Customer contact     X Walking X
Shift Work   X   Bending/stooping X  
Extended Day   X Squatting/Kneeling X  
Keeping work pace/deadlines   X Crouching/Crawling X    
Performing repetitive tasks X   Twisting at waist X    
Noise (decibels) 91 X   Reaching above shoulders X    
Vibration X Reaching below knees X    
Abrupt temperature changes X Lift/carry up to 40 lbs. X    
Heat (above 85 F) X Push/pull to 100 (force) X  
Cold (below 65 F) X Climbing ladders X    
Wetness X Climbing stairs X  
Dampness X Sweeping/mopping X  
Dryness X Operating foot controls X  
Odors & dusts X   Manual Tasks
Work with solvents X   Grasping with one hand X    
Work acids, bases X Grasping with both hands X    
Work with oils X     Manipulating with one hand X    
Work with toxins X Manipulating with two hands X    
Poor ventilation X Handwritten communication   X
Fumes X Using keyboard   X
Mechanical hazards X   Using hand tools X    
Electrical hazards X   Twisting/wringing X    
Sensory Tasks Scrubbing/washing/polishing X    
Seeing close (reading) X Scraping X  
Seeing far (observation)   X Equipment Operation
Peripheral vision   X Driving car / light truck X
Seeing colors   X Driving heavy truck / van X
Verbal communication X Operating forklift, stackers X
Hearing speech   X Operating hoist equipment X    
Hearing mechanical sounds X   Operating shop machinery X    
Sensing odors   X Operating power tools X    
Sensing by touch   X Operating torch X


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This description covers the primary purpose and principal duties of the job. It is not designed to be a complete list of all the duties and responsibilities required of this position. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

What innovation!! I toured Lowell two weeks ago and could not have been more impressed with your other examples of innovation, namely the robotics utilized in the QA lab and in the laser marking area. We are going to be installing our own hi-definition cameras in our QA lab soon. I’ve copied my QA faculty for them to enjoy your video.

Academic dean
technical college