Our customers demand quality in increasingly complex geometries. So at Lowell, we focus on process. A clear and proven process leads to quality that's manufactured into it. We pay close attention to programming, tool life, preventative maintenance, training, coolant, materials, work instructions, testing protocols — because if any part of the process is out of sync, that leaves room for error and out of tolerance parts.

Lowell has invested in the technology to manufacture and test your finished components and assemblies down to the submicron level. Starting with our Leitz PMM — the same machine that NIST uses to calibrate their gauges, and continuing with our ongoing investment in profile tolerancing.


  • SmartProfile
  • pc•demis
  • MeasureMind 3D
  • Custom gage tracking and calibration

Quality System is Certified to:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 13485:2003

Click here for a copy of certifications.


  • Leitz Model PMM-C 700 12-10-7 Laboratory Grade Scanning CMM
  • Brown & Sharpe EXCEL 7-10-7, PH10, TP200
  • Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage Silver Addition CMM
  • SmartScope Quest 450 Vision Measuring System
  • OGP Avant 400 Zip Vision Measuring Machine 18" x 18"
  • S-T 24" CNC Optical Comparator with QC5000
  • Starret HB400 Optical Comparator
  • OGP Optical Comparator
  • X-Met 5000 alloy analyzer
  • View Toolmaker's Microscope 6" x 6" with computer.
  • Z Mike .010"–2.00" Laser Micrometer.
  • Zeiss Surfcom 130A Profilometer
  • Mitutoyo SJ400 Profilometer

Lowell can provide detailed CMM point cloud data and analysis for your components.

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