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Engineering expertise is what truly sets us apart. Our manufacturing engineers average 20 years of service at Lowell. All of them have years of hands-on experience operating the sophisticated CNC machines that will create your components. When they interface with your design team, that experience gives us an edge that is hard to duplicate.

So talk with Lowell early in your design process — that's when we can help the most. We'll assist with questions on design, manufacturability, materials, measurement, and verification. We can meet or exceed your requirements from prototype to full volume production.

Information Systems/Software

  • M1 ERP
  • GibbsCAM
  • SolidWorks
  • SmartProfile
  • AutoCAD
  • KeyCreator
  • Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) Program Transfer

Call Lowell today or send us a print or model to review. We'll look at your design and provide you with key insights into GD&T and manufacturability.

Phone: 763-425-3355