50 Years Dave Lilja

Lowell, Inc. was founded in 1964 by Dave Lilja (1928–2013) and his partner Lowell Thorud. They started the company with two Bridgeports in the basement of an old industrial building in St. Louis Park, MN. About 85% of our business back then was in computer disk drives. Control Data, now know as Seagate, was among our first customers. We entered the medical device industry about 20 years ago and it now comprises over 95% of our business.

We expanded and moved locations another three times before we built our current building in 1985. Today, Lowell occupies a 51,000 square foot facility and has grown to be one of the leading precision machining companies in the medical device industry.

Dave's son Pat started at Lowell almost 30 years ago and now he’s our President. Pat has continued his father's philosophy of investing in our people and the latest technology. Now after 50 years in business and thanks to our customers, we are debt-free and going strong.